We operate three primary divisions

Merger Advisory Services, Management Advisory Services, and PUBCOxchange.


“The better part of a great Reverse Merger is a good execution”
Trends M & A has transacted over 200 reverse mergers. There is no issue we have not dealt with in some form. We have saved companies from countless missteps and literally thousands of hours of legal and accounting fees. We understand what the problems are before they occur.
Trends M & A can provide issuers with the resources, expertise, and professional network necessary to navigate the process of going public through a Reverse Merger, from beginning to end. We can provide the public shell (NASDEQ, QB, PINK, 33 or 34 exchange act reporting-  companies), highly qualified securities law counsel that will assist with the entire process, as well as accountants, auditors, transfer agent and broker/dealers who can sponsor your FINRA 15c-211 filing if needed. In addition, Trends M & A has the expertise to assist you in creating the correct cap structure in order to properly prepare for future growth as well as an introduction to capital.
  • Advice on Acquisition of PUBCO
  • Advice on Merger Structure
  • Coordination of Professional Resources; Legal, Audit
  • Advice on Corporate Structure
  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Consulting
  • EDGAR and SEDGAR filing services
  • Valuation Analysis


Trends M & A is a boutique advisory services firm with extensive knowledge and experience in corporate finance and securities from the business and legal perspective: encompassing investment banking, market making, corporate reorganizations, recapitalizations, structured funding’s, refinancing’s, mergers and acquisitions and corporate spinoffs.
Our team offers decades of experience in successfully funding and growing emerging companies and taking these companies to the next level in growth and market niche.
Based on our team’s unique individual experience and business success our focus is on these core areas:
  • Corporate structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Spin-offs
  • Finance and Capital Markets,
  • Market Support, PR and IR Advisory.
  • Corporate Governance.
Our emphasis is providing a complete solution for public companies seeking an effective plan for creating shareholder value.
By getting involved in the overall operation of our client’s business, we are able to contribute the greatest value: fine tuning a company’s business model and creating a sound financial structure that will translate into higher market valuations.
Additional products/services provided:
  • Certified© Business Plan
  • Confidential Business Assessment
  • Corporate Brand and Marketing Package
  • Executive Summary
  • Immigration-based Business Plans
  • Presentation Deck, PDF, Online & Flipbook
  • Private Equity-based Business Plans
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Pro Forma Development – Complex
  • Pro Forma Development – Simple
  • Advising, planning and assisting with the development of a market for, and the promotion of, the Company’s common stock, including peer group analysis, the recruitment and coordination of a qualified investor relations firm, and initiatives aimed at the recruitment of independent research support, reputable analyst coverage, and the development of general investment community sponsorship
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Standard Formatted Business Plan
  • Advising, planning, structuring and negotiating in connection with any registered or unregistered equity, debt and/or derivative securities offerings
PUBCOxchange is the only marketplace of its kind in which buyers and sellers of public companies: NASDAQ listed, OTCQB, or pink sheets can access the greatest number of and highest quality public companies available. Our experts can assist in the purchase or sale of a “PUBCO” to meet your exact needs efficiently, economically and with the highest degree of professionalism.
PUBCOxchange – the only resource you will ever need.