Trends Mergers and Acquisitions has been involved in over 200 reverse merger transactions, providing M & A services, along with capital raising capabilities to companies in the United States and internationally.  With direct links to Europe, Asia, North and South America, Trends serves as a vehicle to access capital markets around the globe.


Splash Beverage Group, Inc. (SBG), specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and sales & marketing of various beverages across multiple channels. SBG operates in both the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage segments which we believe leverages our efficiencies and dilutes risk. SBG believes its business model is unique as it ONLY develops and/or accelerates brands it perceives to have highly visible pre-existing brand awareness or pure category innovation. Additionally, SBG operations has its own vertically integrated B to B and B to C e-commerce distribution platform called Qplash, further expanding its distribution abilities and visibility.



The bitcoin Exchange: when you have accepted the price quote, your bitcoin is then deposited to the bitcoin exchange trust account and is sold at the price you agreed upon. The sale proceeds are then transferred to your bank account in US Dollars or in the currency you specify.

San Juan Mercantile Exchange (SJMX)



San Juan Mercantile Exchange (SJMX) and an affiliate, the San Juan Mercantile Bank & Trust Int'l (the "Bank"), are developing an institutional grade electronic trading platform, and an integrated banking platform for cryptocurrencies.

ABTI Alterola Biotech, Inc.


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Alterola Biotech Inc. is to bring innovative intellectual property for both nutraceutical/functional chewing gum and in the future medicinal chewing gum to market. Alterola is ardently researching new ways to use chewing gum as a medicinal delivery system, expanding on the kinds of applications chewing gum has been used for in the past. Alterola expects to reveal functional chewing gum for new applications already by the last quarter of 2013 and medical chewing gum in the future.



Lukki Operating Token (LOT)

Lukki transforms the monotonous trading process and combines the best functions of a cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative gamification process which has no analogues. In the nearest future the users of our exchange will be able not only analyze charts and choose strategies, but also play pass the levels, earn scores, get rewards, and monetize their achievements. Trading has never been so exciting! Time to trade. Get Lukki.

TKCM Token Communities Ltd.



Token Communities PLC is a boutique Gibraltar Financial Advisory firm which specializes in incubating as well as advising and managing qualified companies in the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies arena, including smart contracts, TGEs, DApps, and more. Advisement comprises the authoring of industry standard White Papers, technical aspects, design and implementation of market strategies, business appraisal and more. All potential clients must be fully vetted, and AML/KYC approved.


THC Therapeutics, inc. is a forward-thinking publicly traded company in the cannabis industry focusing on health and healing. The company is developing their patent-pending product the dHydronator®, a sanitizing herb dryer. The main function of the dHydronator is to greatly accelerate drying time while sanitizing Cannabis. The dHydronator is proven to reduce the drying time from 10-14 days to less than 14 hours. The company is currently generating revenue from its brand of float spas. THC Therapeutics will be getting involved in testing facilities, cultivation of Cannabis and personal wellness centers. The Company is seeking partnerships, mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis, health and healing industries.


T-Bamm intends to be an on-line store specializing in T-Shirts for the entire family, manufactured from Bamboo. It sells Bamboo T-Shirts that is environmentally friendly and renewal.


Sydys Corp is a globally active biotechnology company developing immuno-oncology products including an autologous dendritic cell immunotherapy that recently completed Phase II trials for ovarian cancer generating clinically meaningful progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) data.


FlexFridge is a patented four-cubic-foot, foldable portable mini-fridge. It was designed to allow students, campers, hotels, and businesses easy access to spacious fridge-space. Customers can utilize the compact fridge in their dorm rooms, RVs, hotel rooms, or offices. FlexFridge has all the convenience of a cooler with all the power of a fridge.


The Company is designing and developing a mobile payment application that will offer customers at participating restaurants, bars and clubs the ability to pay their bill with their smartphone - without even having to ask for the check.

SUYT will recognize revenue when all of the following conditions are satisfied: (1) there is persuasive evidence of an arrangement; (2) the product or service has been provided to the customer; (3) the amount of fees to be paid by the customer is fixed or determinable; and (4) the collection of our fees is probable.

Toucans mission is to provide consumers with the largest variety of credit card offers online, and to enable good selection and use of cards by offering news, advice, features and tools.

Toucan Interactive, Corp owns and operates, which is an independent, advertising-supported information service. They publish Credit Cards offers from selected countries. They do not receive compensations or donations from any banks or financial institutions. By living up to this standard, Toucan is not influanced to position banks and credit card companies with better viewing locations including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the categories. does not include the entire universe of available financial or credit offers, but we are working hard on it.


The Company is a platform for investment in producing gold mines with a focus on South East Asia, particularly Indonesia and the Philippines, two of the largest and best performing economies in this region. Through its subsidiary, the Company currently owns and operates two facilities situated on high grade volcanic ore deposits in Northern Indonesia and is in the process of expanding its gold production both within Indonesia and into the Philippines where production costs are among the lowest in the world. The Company's management, based in Asia, brings together a team of seasoned executives each of whom has over ten years experience in the region in mining, manufacturing, trading and finance. With a strong network developed through its existing operations, and opportunities to acquire additional gold bearing properties at attractive cost, management's objective is that the Company become a significant producer of gold in the region.


MJP International Ltd. specializes in green energy products and services, including rapidly advancing green technologies such as solar and wind installations. The company is built on the fundamental belief that green technology is the way to a clean, profitable and energy-rich future. MJP International continually pushes the envelope to find ways for clients to use green technologies in a cost-efficient and user friendly way, firmly believing that renewable and clean energy sources will continue to come to the forefront as viable and economical alternatives to fossil fuel.


LendingTree is a leading online loan marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders in the nation. Our service provides consumers a way to connect with multiple lenders for a number of financial borrowing needs. From the comfort of their homes, consumers can fill out one simple form and are able to shop, compare, and save on the loans they need. By creating a My LendingTree account, consumers are able to track their credit score – updated monthly with insights into which factors are negatively impacting their score, review all loan and credit card accounts and are even notified when LendingTree identifies a savings opportunity based on real-time loan offer data.